Steem Raiser Affiliate Program | Increase your received votes up to 100% for a whole week

Joining forces to raise our profits

Steem Raiser Affiliate Program | Increase your received votes up to 100% for a whole week

As you already know: if you are a @SteemRaiser user you receive a daily vote in your post valued at 1,100% of your delegated SP. A service that many people have been benefiting for a long time. Every day we are more and more.

In these times when prices are so low, you have to own a considerable amount of Steem Power so that the votes have some influence on your posts. With @SteemRaiser you can convert your delegated SP into a vote equivalent to 1,100% of that amount.

You can learn more about our services reading our introducing post.

@SteemRaiser Affiliate program

If you are a user of @SteemRaiser you already know the benefits of our services. But we want to give you even more advantages and make your experience with us as good as possible. For this we have created the affiliate program of @SteemRaiser.

To participate, you will only have to tell your friends, partners and acquaintances about the advantages they will obtain by being part of the community. As a reward for your work, we will increase the percentage of your vote depending on the amount that your referral delegates to @ SteemRaiser. This increase in your vote will last a whole week!

To get these benefits all you have to do is tell your referral to mention you when you make your delegation, it’s that easy. That mention can be in our discord server or answering any of our post.

The following table shows how your percentage of vote will increase according to the amount delegated by your referral:

SP delegated by your referredIncrease in your vote
From 0 to 100+10%
From 101 to 200+20%
From 201 to 300+30%
From 301 to 400+40%
From 401 to 500+50%
From 501 to 600+60%
From 601 to 700+70%
From 701 to 800+80%
From 801 to 900+90%
More than 901 SP+100%

Whatever your case, the limit of increase in vote will always be 100%, we can not give you a bigger vote, so if you get your total percentage to reach the maximum you will receive votes from @SteemRaiser at 100% for a whole week.

Can I participate in the affiliate program without being a member of @SteemRaiser?

@SteemRaiser is a community forged with the effort of each of its members. Each of them has delegated part of their SP to make this project possible. We can not give votes to users who have not delegated us the minimum necessary to be voted (1oo SP) out of respect for the rest of the members.

But do not worry, if you think you can benefit from the affiliate program, all you have to do is delegate the amount of SP you think is appropriate and become a member of @SteemRaiser. Remember that you will receive daily votes with a benefit of 1,100% on the amount of delegated SP. They are all advantages.

In the case that your referred withdraws his delegation or modifies it during the first seven days, your percentage will be modified according to that modification.

Join us and raise up your author rewards.

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